Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why I choose to medicate my ADHD child

When I found out my son had ADHD, I was advised to go on the internet and find out some information about ADHD and medication, what I found scared me – I had made up my mind not to go down the path of medicating my son. I went to a naturopath to look into the natural alternatives, and even began following her directions. I discovered that I was not feeling right about this path. My son wanted to know what was happening, so I sat down with him for a heart to heart and this conversation is the one which made me realize that I was not the one who had ADHD – my son did. I told him that day that the woman who had tested him said that he had problems sitting down in class, and that we could see someone who could give him a tablet to help him sit down in the class room. My then six year old son smiled and hugged me and said “Good, I want to sit down in the class room.” I went to see my specialist and he did all the right things including telling me that I was a good mother, I agreed to the medication – still unsure and contacted our school to meet with the principal and the new teacher my son was to have that year. My children go to a good School, the principal and the teacher, would support me with whatever path I choose with my son’s ADHD; but also informed me that the school would not support drugged out children on ADHD medication, they had seen traits in my son that they knew that they could develop, and wanted him still to be himself. Five and a half years on; my son still takes medication for ADHD. The school worked with me to find the right level. My son sits still in the class – he still talks all the time. The teachers want him in their classes, parents constantly tell me not only how much he has changed, but that the love his personality. I now know that God is with us on this journey – I had to let go of many things to give back God the control in this situation, but it has been worth it. If you have a child with ADHD and are unsure about the medicine, talk to your child about how they feel socially about the situation. My son is a happy, confident child who has taken control of his medication - he is the one who remembers it at school.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

My daughters the hip hop stars

My daughters have been doing hip hop dancing classes for the last three to six months. Now I did not really know what hip hop was, I had a general idea, but as the classes were cheap, close by and my daughters want to give dancing a try, we gave it a go. Last weekend they had their first performance night – for many of the girls including my girls it was their first dance performance. I had invited my parents to watch their granddaughters dance, dragged my son along to support his sister – much to his disgust and hubby came along to cheer on his girls. It was great to see the girls doing their dances, you could see that they really enjoyed it, not only that it was a dance style we could see our eldest daughter continuing on with for a few more years. Not only were the children dancing, but they had a group of “Sexy Mamma’s” who do this dance style for fun and exercise – it clashes with the time I coach my daughter playing netball. Hubby is now happy that the girls are doing Hip hop, their grandma wants Hip hop music and thinks it is great fun for both boys and girls, their brother only growls at the thought of Hip hop. I am thrilled with the girls doing Hip hop and would recommend this dance style to any parent who is looking for dance classes for their children to do – costumes are street wear (normal clothes). Until next time.

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Lost Keys

Last night I lost my keys, this is something that I do regularly; just not for four hours. At first my husband was supportive and laughed “Oh, look at what your mum has done again.” But after four hours his humor went and now he was angry. So in my frustration I started to pray – in tongue – something my husband is unsure of. After a few minutes I had received two revelations. The first being that my keys were in the bathroom. The second that they were under a pile of clothes. So in faith I went to the family bathroom – no pile of clothes – no Keys. I thought I must have just imagined it. Twenty minutes later I went to our own personal bathroom and there were my keys under a pile of clothes. The keys had fallen out of a tiny pocket in my pants and landed in the pile of clothes. I am a great believer in that little things matter as much as the big things and I am thankful that God answers the little things for us no matter how we pray.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All Christian Children are Saints

They sit there quietly, they are the perfect children. Oh what it is to have Christian children. I can tell you with absolute certainty that this is a myth. Christian children are the same as other children. How do I know? I am a Christian with three children who believe me are far from perfect. My oldest has mild ADHD and the only time he stops talking is when he is asleep; well almost! My daughters look like angels and even can behave like angels, but they are still not saints. To be honest I enjoy the fact that my children are all different, I have long ago learnt that being a Christian and having children does not mean that you will have perfect and saintly children. I have come to accept and believe that God gets great enjoyment out of our children perfect or not. I know that God loves all my children equally, that God has given them all different gifting and talents. I am excited to see where God will take them as they grow up. It is funny to note that Jesus did not say “let all the perfect and saintly children come to me.” He left it open to all sorts of children when he simply said “Let the children come to me.” He did not expect perfect children or reject the children that did not sit still or who talked too much; he accepted them all and still does today, even when they grow up God still values and loves these children, he still has gifts and talents for them to discover. Find why our gifting and talents are still important today.

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