Thursday, April 29, 2010

Touch Me

“Touch me, touch me, touch me!!!!!”She heard the words screaming to get out of her body. “Can’t you hear me Lord; I am asking you to touch me.” She stood there with her hand out in front of her as the latest spirit filled disciple moved around to give everyone a touch from God. “Touch me now.” She begged in her soul, not a sound coming from her lips. “Aren’t you listening to me Lord? I am right here. Don’t tell me you can’t see me as I am right in front of you.” She took a quick look to see where the disciple was, he was moving along towards her now. “Touch me now, Lord, I am ready for it now.” The disciple moved passed her without touching her “Touch me!” She cried from inside her soul as she began to question the Lord “How loud am I meant to shout these words?” As she waited the disciple began to speak “Do you really want it?” The words played over in her mind. “What do you mean do I really want it? I am saying ‘Touch me’ aren’t I?” The disciple spoke again “Are you hungry enough?” She felt annoyance fill her soul “Of Course I am hungry for your touch? I am yelling at you to touch me.” She finally felt the disciples hand upon her head “God Bless you my Child.” And then he was gone. She stood there in disbelief, she had expected more. The conference was over and all she had gotten was a God Bless you my child.

Disappointment filled her soul as she left the conference, disappointment stayed with her at her home with her husband and children. “What a waste of money and time” She though to herself, “anyone can say God Bless you.” She got into her normal routine. Nothing had changed; not her life, not her circumstances and definitely not her Spiritual gifting from God.

She was at school waiting to pick up her children when one of her good friend approached. “How was the conference on the weekend?” Her friend asked. She took a deep breathe and began to speak, she told her how the conference was based on Mark 15-18. She explained how before Jesus left his disciples the last time he had instructed them to go out in to the world and preach to good news and that the people who believe the good news would be able to do many things that Jesus did. She told her friend how the disciple believed that those who believe today will also be able to do what Jesus did like healing the sick. Her friend listened to what she told her. She stood silently watching her friend and then asked “Will you pray for me.” Without thinking she began to pray, using all the skills she had been taught over the weekend. Her friend turned to her after she had finished with tears in her eyes and said “Thank you.” Her friend started to walk away and then turned back to her and said “You understand that you really have a gift from God there don’t you?” and with that her friend was gone. She stood silently for a moment then she head a voice “You did not need a touch from one of my disciples; you needed a touch from me, God.”