Monday, February 22, 2010

Anything is Possible

Do you believe that anything is possible? I was sitting down last night giving my daughter ideas on how to make a speech to become mayor of the make believe city that her class was making. One of her slogans was anything is possible. As Parents we encourage our children that this is accurate and why should we not encourage our children. If you are like me and have three children; you would have discovered that each child has their own personal gifting and talents. One of our roles as parents is to encourage our children to make the best of these gifting and talents. Often as adults we need to encourage each other to begin to believe again that anything is possible.

God believes that anything is possible; all you have to do is look up different people in the bible like Gideon, Ruth, Rehab and Moses to see that they all did the impossible. The other interesting thing we need to look at when we look at these people is that God saw them differently to how they saw themselves. God does the same thing we do as parents with our kids, God tries to encourage us to develop our gifting and talents after all God gave them to us and God expects and wants us to develop them to become great people of this world in any role God has placed you in. Don’t let your circumstance and lifestyle stop you from becoming who God made you to be. Stop listening to other people and start to listen to God again – who knows you might suddenly find some one telling you that you are God’s Great Warrior.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

His first Valentine Day Card

Do you remember your first crush? My son is eleven and has his first crush. Last year after talking to a female friend the same age, he decided to overcome his shyness of the opposite sex and tell the girl how he felt about her. Now my son has mild ADHD so discretion is not one of his strong points; so he decided to tell her how he felt the next time he saw her; which is what he literally did. In the middle of the class and in front of the whole class he yelled out to her as she was three meters away “--zy, I like you! Do you like me?” He was a little bit glum when he came home after she had told him that she only wanted to be friends.

Now my son was not impressed by any advice I was trying to give him, so I took the matter to his two older female cousins (16 and 19 years old) at a recent family advent. They started to happily give him advice on what he needed to do to get a girls attention. They told him to do something nice to get the girl’s attention like give her a card and as Valentine’s Day was just around the corner they encouraged him to give it a go. My son listened to the advice of his cousins and discussed the matter with his best mates and made up his mind to get her a card. Another one of his good mates decided that he should be the one to give her the card and not my son; not only was he going to give her a card but a box of chocolates as well. My son came home that day unsure if he should compete with his mate to give her a card for Valentine’s Day. My husband and I told him that he should give her a card knowing that this was a step to growing up and was far better than him yelling out in front of everyone that he likes a certain girl; not just for himself but the next girl he liked.

Now as Valentines Day is on a Sunday the decision was made to give her a card as he left school on Friday night. Thursday night we went together to the stores and found a card and some lip gloss as a small gift for her. We stood in front of all the cards and I have never realized how many Valentine Day cards have the word SEXY on them. My son shock his head at those cards and chose a funny card with the words written inside “I can’t keep my eyes off of you” as those words described how he felt about the Izzy. To his credit my son he gave her card on Friday at school – apparently she already knew that she was getting one. He is not sure what she thought as his friend who was going to also give her a card told him that she did not like it. But my son has now told a girl that he likes her in a gentler manner and knows what he needs to do when he decided to do it again.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone.

Watching her Sleep

He ran his finger gently along her check and she moved in her sleep. He loved watching her sleep. He had to admit he was fascinated by her. He loved the way her clenched fist was laying next to her head. He ran his hand softly over her short dark hair marveling at each strand. She started to move and for a brief second; one eye fluttered open then closed as if she knew whose presence she was in. He stood back for a moment waiting to see if she would wake up and look for him but she continued sleeping. He glanced quickly at his watch and realized that he had been watching her for about twenty minutes. He didn’t care as he felt his eyes searching to catch another glimpse of her. Her other arm started to move and suddenly both arms were above her head as she started to stretch her perfect body. Her eyes were now open and her body moved to free herself from the bedding. Now he could see one of her beautiful legs. Now awake and alert he began to realize that she could sense his presence and fear began to grip him. Her head moved to look in his direction as though she was waiting for him to do something. In his mind he heard the words “It will be okay, just be gentle with her.” playing over and over in his mind.

He moved to be nearer to her and he could see that she did indeed know that he was there. He reached out and picked her up like the nurses had shown him, and finally his most prized possession was now in his arms. He had waited a while to do this; he had told his wife that he would do it in his own time. She felt so good to be in his arms. He sat down to let the moment soak into his memories. His daughters face was looking at him and he realized that she had his nose, pride and love swept through him and he knew that he would never be the same again. He heard the door of the room open and his wife enter the room. She stopped as she took in the sight of the two of them; he glanced up to say something to his wife and realized that tears were making a way down her check. He started to stand up, “No, don’t get up; I want to take a picture of the two of you.” She said. He posed with his daughter for a number of pictures, the three of them lost in their own world. “Ohhh…. Honey will you look at that” said a voice he recognized as his mother. He glanced at the door and saw his parents there, he moved his daughter in his arms so that his parents could get a better glance at his beautiful daughter. His father smiled as he took in the sight of his son’s new family “Ohhh…. The joys of a being a new parent” he stated with a laugh as his son beaming face looked back at him. “Ohhh…. Yes indeed” thought his son as he glanced back down at his newborn daughter in his arms “Yes indeed”.

From heaven above God took in the sight of the father with his newborn daughter in his arms, and remember the joy he felt as he took in the first sight of each of his children. To God everyone of his children are special.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Making decisions that affect our children

Making decisions that affect our children take a lot of time and consideration, often we don’t even think of praying into these decisions we are making. I tend to find myself discussing my view with my husband and listening to his views that I forget to talk to my children about their own ideas and feelings on the situation. I have been learning over the years just how important my children’s views and feelings about situations can be especially when it comes to making decisions that affect themselves; often I find that they understand the situation and will give you another insight into what decisions need to be made.

God understands our need to make our own decisions good or bad, after all you only have to know about Adam and Eve to know that God will stick with us even when we make the wrong decision. Right now I am taking the step to get my daughters to join another netball club. A lot of my daughters friends play on the same team as her and I thought that she would not want to shift clubs so I was trying to work out how to let her know of our (hubby and I) decision to try another club. My oldest daughter over heard our conversations and started to ask questions. I took her aside and told her the reasons that I was looking to join her and her sister to another club and to my surprise she was excited at the prospect and has given her choice as to which team she would like to join.

If you are making a decision that will affect your child or children please talk to them and find out their views on the situation, it may be different than you think!

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Do not Worry about Your Life

It can start with a simple conversation, a glance at the latest bill, a feeling that something is not right and the reality is that we all do it. But what does worrying about our lives really cost us? Can it add more hours to our life – The bible does not think so. (Matthew 6:27) The bible tells us not worry about our life and this is something I struggle with constantly in my life, but when I go back and reread Matthew 6:25-34 I can see myself clearly in the written word. The bible tells us not to worry about these things:

Your life

What you will eat or drink

What you will wear

The reality is that we are not in control of our own lives and often events and situations that we don’t plan for take over our lives; it is often in these circumstances that we turn back to God and the pages of the bible and find ourselves asking a major question “Does God really have a purpose for us and if God does; is God really in control of our lives?” When we worry too much often we become burdened by our own worry and we take the worry with us everywhere we go. When was the last time you asked God to take the burden or worry into his hands? It is not as hard as it seems all you have to do is say out loud “God I can not handle this worry/burden anymore and I give it to you!” often God is waiting for us to do this. You will not believe how light you will feel after doing this.

May God bless you.

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