Saturday, February 13, 2010

Watching her Sleep

He ran his finger gently along her check and she moved in her sleep. He loved watching her sleep. He had to admit he was fascinated by her. He loved the way her clenched fist was laying next to her head. He ran his hand softly over her short dark hair marveling at each strand. She started to move and for a brief second; one eye fluttered open then closed as if she knew whose presence she was in. He stood back for a moment waiting to see if she would wake up and look for him but she continued sleeping. He glanced quickly at his watch and realized that he had been watching her for about twenty minutes. He didn’t care as he felt his eyes searching to catch another glimpse of her. Her other arm started to move and suddenly both arms were above her head as she started to stretch her perfect body. Her eyes were now open and her body moved to free herself from the bedding. Now he could see one of her beautiful legs. Now awake and alert he began to realize that she could sense his presence and fear began to grip him. Her head moved to look in his direction as though she was waiting for him to do something. In his mind he heard the words “It will be okay, just be gentle with her.” playing over and over in his mind.

He moved to be nearer to her and he could see that she did indeed know that he was there. He reached out and picked her up like the nurses had shown him, and finally his most prized possession was now in his arms. He had waited a while to do this; he had told his wife that he would do it in his own time. She felt so good to be in his arms. He sat down to let the moment soak into his memories. His daughters face was looking at him and he realized that she had his nose, pride and love swept through him and he knew that he would never be the same again. He heard the door of the room open and his wife enter the room. She stopped as she took in the sight of the two of them; he glanced up to say something to his wife and realized that tears were making a way down her check. He started to stand up, “No, don’t get up; I want to take a picture of the two of you.” She said. He posed with his daughter for a number of pictures, the three of them lost in their own world. “Ohhh…. Honey will you look at that” said a voice he recognized as his mother. He glanced at the door and saw his parents there, he moved his daughter in his arms so that his parents could get a better glance at his beautiful daughter. His father smiled as he took in the sight of his son’s new family “Ohhh…. The joys of a being a new parent” he stated with a laugh as his son beaming face looked back at him. “Ohhh…. Yes indeed” thought his son as he glanced back down at his newborn daughter in his arms “Yes indeed”.

From heaven above God took in the sight of the father with his newborn daughter in his arms, and remember the joy he felt as he took in the first sight of each of his children. To God everyone of his children are special.

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  1. This was beautiful to read. I like your writing style. Thanks for sharing it, and I hope you keep writing. Thanks!