Monday, February 8, 2010

Making decisions that affect our children

Making decisions that affect our children take a lot of time and consideration, often we don’t even think of praying into these decisions we are making. I tend to find myself discussing my view with my husband and listening to his views that I forget to talk to my children about their own ideas and feelings on the situation. I have been learning over the years just how important my children’s views and feelings about situations can be especially when it comes to making decisions that affect themselves; often I find that they understand the situation and will give you another insight into what decisions need to be made.

God understands our need to make our own decisions good or bad, after all you only have to know about Adam and Eve to know that God will stick with us even when we make the wrong decision. Right now I am taking the step to get my daughters to join another netball club. A lot of my daughters friends play on the same team as her and I thought that she would not want to shift clubs so I was trying to work out how to let her know of our (hubby and I) decision to try another club. My oldest daughter over heard our conversations and started to ask questions. I took her aside and told her the reasons that I was looking to join her and her sister to another club and to my surprise she was excited at the prospect and has given her choice as to which team she would like to join.

If you are making a decision that will affect your child or children please talk to them and find out their views on the situation, it may be different than you think!

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