Saturday, February 13, 2010

His first Valentine Day Card

Do you remember your first crush? My son is eleven and has his first crush. Last year after talking to a female friend the same age, he decided to overcome his shyness of the opposite sex and tell the girl how he felt about her. Now my son has mild ADHD so discretion is not one of his strong points; so he decided to tell her how he felt the next time he saw her; which is what he literally did. In the middle of the class and in front of the whole class he yelled out to her as she was three meters away “--zy, I like you! Do you like me?” He was a little bit glum when he came home after she had told him that she only wanted to be friends.

Now my son was not impressed by any advice I was trying to give him, so I took the matter to his two older female cousins (16 and 19 years old) at a recent family advent. They started to happily give him advice on what he needed to do to get a girls attention. They told him to do something nice to get the girl’s attention like give her a card and as Valentine’s Day was just around the corner they encouraged him to give it a go. My son listened to the advice of his cousins and discussed the matter with his best mates and made up his mind to get her a card. Another one of his good mates decided that he should be the one to give her the card and not my son; not only was he going to give her a card but a box of chocolates as well. My son came home that day unsure if he should compete with his mate to give her a card for Valentine’s Day. My husband and I told him that he should give her a card knowing that this was a step to growing up and was far better than him yelling out in front of everyone that he likes a certain girl; not just for himself but the next girl he liked.

Now as Valentines Day is on a Sunday the decision was made to give her a card as he left school on Friday night. Thursday night we went together to the stores and found a card and some lip gloss as a small gift for her. We stood in front of all the cards and I have never realized how many Valentine Day cards have the word SEXY on them. My son shock his head at those cards and chose a funny card with the words written inside “I can’t keep my eyes off of you” as those words described how he felt about the Izzy. To his credit my son he gave her card on Friday at school – apparently she already knew that she was getting one. He is not sure what she thought as his friend who was going to also give her a card told him that she did not like it. But my son has now told a girl that he likes her in a gentler manner and knows what he needs to do when he decided to do it again.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone.

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