Monday, March 22, 2010

"I know who you are!" she said to me

A few years ago I sat down with a group of parents from my kids school, when one of the mothers looked me in the eye and stated quite simply "I know who you are!" unsure of what to make of this and with a startled look on my face she went on "You're the mom with the noisy kids who came into Church last Sunday and sat at the front of the Church." My thoughts went back to the Sunday before and realized that she was in fact correct. I had indeed came into the Church late and knowing that my kids would settle better in a confined space made a bee line for the only free chairs I had spotted that were in the first few rows of the church. Unsure of what I was meant to say to this woman I was now meeting for the first time I decided to just simply admit to being that woman. She again looked at me in the eye and continued on with the conversation the group was having.

The next few days I not only discovered just who her child was, but that her daughter was also one of my own daughter's best friends. I was not sure at first how she would respond to the fact that our daughter's were friends or how I felt about it. My daughter had just started school when they had become friends and in the lead up to her starting school, I had been praying for God to find friends for her that would be by her side always and I was beginning to realize that God had indeed answered that prayer. I started to get to know the other girls mother and realized that she is the type of person who speaks her mind and that you could in fact have a laugh with her.

This incident in my life made me realize that when I had handed over my kids lives to God and ask God to be in charge of our kid's friendships that God will find them the right kids that suit our kid's best. I would most likely have never chosen this child to be my daughter's friend, but I know who did and it has turned out to be a good friendship.

It is important to pray for our children, but often we have no real idea on what to pray for our children. I often found myself praying for the instant needs of my children than the future needs of my children, such as praying for the right person to come into their lives for them to marry. Asking for God to reveal their hidden talents for me to develop. As you can see from what happened when I prayed for my children's friendship, you can often be unprepared for what God knows is best for your child and since I have prayed for my children's friendship I have found that these friends have stuck by my children and remained solid friends with my children.


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