Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lost Keys

Last night I lost my keys, this is something that I do regularly; just not for four hours. At first my husband was supportive and laughed “Oh, look at what your mum has done again.” But after four hours his humor went and now he was angry. So in my frustration I started to pray – in tongue – something my husband is unsure of. After a few minutes I had received two revelations. The first being that my keys were in the bathroom. The second that they were under a pile of clothes. So in faith I went to the family bathroom – no pile of clothes – no Keys. I thought I must have just imagined it. Twenty minutes later I went to our own personal bathroom and there were my keys under a pile of clothes. The keys had fallen out of a tiny pocket in my pants and landed in the pile of clothes. I am a great believer in that little things matter as much as the big things and I am thankful that God answers the little things for us no matter how we pray.

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