Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why I choose to medicate my ADHD child

When I found out my son had ADHD, I was advised to go on the internet and find out some information about ADHD and medication, what I found scared me – I had made up my mind not to go down the path of medicating my son. I went to a naturopath to look into the natural alternatives, and even began following her directions. I discovered that I was not feeling right about this path. My son wanted to know what was happening, so I sat down with him for a heart to heart and this conversation is the one which made me realize that I was not the one who had ADHD – my son did. I told him that day that the woman who had tested him said that he had problems sitting down in class, and that we could see someone who could give him a tablet to help him sit down in the class room. My then six year old son smiled and hugged me and said “Good, I want to sit down in the class room.” I went to see my specialist and he did all the right things including telling me that I was a good mother, I agreed to the medication – still unsure and contacted our school to meet with the principal and the new teacher my son was to have that year. My children go to a good School, the principal and the teacher, would support me with whatever path I choose with my son’s ADHD; but also informed me that the school would not support drugged out children on ADHD medication, they had seen traits in my son that they knew that they could develop, and wanted him still to be himself. Five and a half years on; my son still takes medication for ADHD. The school worked with me to find the right level. My son sits still in the class – he still talks all the time. The teachers want him in their classes, parents constantly tell me not only how much he has changed, but that the love his personality. I now know that God is with us on this journey – I had to let go of many things to give back God the control in this situation, but it has been worth it. If you have a child with ADHD and are unsure about the medicine, talk to your child about how they feel socially about the situation. My son is a happy, confident child who has taken control of his medication - he is the one who remembers it at school.

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