Saturday, August 29, 2009

My daughters the hip hop stars

My daughters have been doing hip hop dancing classes for the last three to six months. Now I did not really know what hip hop was, I had a general idea, but as the classes were cheap, close by and my daughters want to give dancing a try, we gave it a go. Last weekend they had their first performance night – for many of the girls including my girls it was their first dance performance. I had invited my parents to watch their granddaughters dance, dragged my son along to support his sister – much to his disgust and hubby came along to cheer on his girls. It was great to see the girls doing their dances, you could see that they really enjoyed it, not only that it was a dance style we could see our eldest daughter continuing on with for a few more years. Not only were the children dancing, but they had a group of “Sexy Mamma’s” who do this dance style for fun and exercise – it clashes with the time I coach my daughter playing netball. Hubby is now happy that the girls are doing Hip hop, their grandma wants Hip hop music and thinks it is great fun for both boys and girls, their brother only growls at the thought of Hip hop. I am thrilled with the girls doing Hip hop and would recommend this dance style to any parent who is looking for dance classes for their children to do – costumes are street wear (normal clothes). Until next time.

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