Tuesday, October 20, 2009


In my lead up to my wedding I wanted to look perfect. I wanted my hair perfect, my make up perfect, my dress perfect and even my hands perfect. Having organized and arranged everything I could do to get myself perfect for the big day, I felt secure in the knowledge that my wedding was going to be perfect. God had other ideas. Now I am not a perfectionist, it just that from a small age I had dreamed about this day. This was the day I would be a princess.

The day before the wedding my family and my future husband got into our cars and drove the thirty minutes to the church we had chosen to get married at – a simple thing or so I thought. Ten minute before we got to the church, my car had a flat tyre. In the car was my future husband, my sister and myself. We started to organize who would change the flat tyre, now my future husband was all set to change the tyre until he realized that he did not know how to work the jack. My sister just plainly refused on the grounds that she would get dirty; which left only me. I started getting the jack to work, when it happened, one of my false nails snapped off and flew into the surrounding country side. We fixed the tyre and meet everyone at the church for our wedding rehearsal.

At the wedding rehearsal I could not take my eyes off the one nail that was no longer perfect, at the end of the rehearsal as we went to leave; God whispered to me “Why do you have to be perfect?” The answer was easy – isn’t every bride on her day. God whispered again “I did not make you to be perfect. Do you think your future husband will love you less if you marry him without the false nail on your finger? Is this how you want to start your marriage? What happens after tomorrow; are you still going to be perfect?” I pulled my future husband aside and we talked for a little while and agree on one thing.

The next day I got married to my hubby and I was not perfect on that day, we had both agreed that I did not have to be perfect to marry my husband, and he thought that it kind of suited me. He loved the fact that neither of us had to bow to the pressure of having looking perfect on our wedding day. We enjoyed our wedding day and found ourselves going with the flow of the day.

Today having been married twelve years I am glad I chose not to be perfect on the day. God was right – You do not have to be perfect to get married.

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