Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What I thought of Faith like Potatoes

I watched a man on the screen who was trying to keep his family and lifestyle of being a farmer together, he did what a lot of farmers in Australia and particularly the area I grew up in are doing now, shifting farming locations to survive and have a future for their families. Angus Buchan went from a house to a caravan and felt like his whole world was falling apart, his loving wife followed him and was determined to make a home out of whatever situation they now faced. The hardest thing for Angus was that he was learning that he was not in control of the situation he was in, but he was determined to try and control it. Anger, frustration and the feeling of approaching failure turned Angus from a loving husband and father into a man his own wife no longer recognized. When Angus turned to God and this was not what Angus himself was any where near wanting to do, his whole life changed and so did his belief about the life circumstances he was facing. Angus began to inspire everyone he touched and the movie show his journey of how God made him into the man he is today and also how God used him.

In Australia many farmers are facing times like Angus, but it is not only farmers who are facing times of financial uncertainty. There is a lot that we need to be reminded about in Angus’ story. It is an important message that we all need to see at least once to make us think about the life circumstances we face now. Now I will admit I did enjoy watching the movie ‘Faith like Potatoes’. But I am too much of a thinker and it has raised some questions which I would like to ask you.

Is it possible for God to use you like he used Angus?

Should we expect that every circumstance God will use as a sign of his power and favor?

Should Angus have left his family so much to spread God’s word?

How important was Angus’ wife?

Should people be happy about the way Angus was changed?

How much impact were the churches having into the life circumstances of the communities in which they belonged?

What sort of people did Angus impact?

Here is a preview of Faith like Potatoes.

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  1. Here is the updated trailer for "Faith Like Potatoes"