Monday, October 26, 2009

Start Walking Again.

Yesterday I fell over. I seem to do this once a year. I guess it is part of my old co-ordination problem I had as a child. I knew I was about to fall, I registered in my brain that my feet were not walking right, and then I fell. I landed on my hands and knees. Annoyed with myself I got up, looked around and saw that I was by myself, now I had a problem – I was on my way to see the movie Julie & Julia with a friend, I could turn back and walk home, or I could continue walking and meet my friend at the cinema; I did not have time to change and start walking again. I decided to continue walking even thought I had nice green stains now on my knees.

Sometimes the hardest thing is to get up and keep going even as a Christian. The movie Julie & Julia show two women who in the end achieve more than they expected, even though along the way the both stumbled. Stumbling on our life journeys are just one of the hazards we face. For me personally understanding my importance to God and trying to keep my eyes focused on Jesus to get to where I am meant to be keeps me getting up and moving forwards again.

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