Thursday, November 5, 2009

The art of gaming consoles.

My son’s teacher did a quick survey of the class to find out how many families have gaming consoles at their house and which ones they have. Every family had one if not two. Now considering that we personally own two gaming consoles I was not really that surprised with the results. I personally have been around gaming consoles since I was around ten years old and have enjoyed them immensely.

Today’s versions of games and the graphics have come along way since the simple game of a dot moving over a television screen being hit in turn by two vertical lines. You only have to look and read Facebook to find out how many families are enjoying using their gaming consoles. The diversity of the games out there is so huge that you are able to find a game to suit any person no matter what age they are. It is easy to get lost in the games as you can loss yourself in the different worlds they have created and not realize the time that is slipping away. Game designers are so talented that they have even brought the real world into your home; many a sport is played out inside one’s home.

But still nothing beats playing a real game in fresh air. Today I played a real game of tennis with a friend, we may not be the most talented tennis players in the world – proven by how many balls we missed, but we had fun and we certainly knew we were exercising. Gaming consoles may be here to stay, but it is important to simply get outside and attempt the real sports even if it is just for fun.

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