Monday, November 2, 2009

Discovering God’s designs.

I was sitting on the beach when my son discovered an unusually object by the piles of seaweed, I watched him examine it. On discovering no answers my son decided to break the object apart to discover what was inside. He spent 5 minutes trying to break it apart and on finally succeeding discovered that the object was rotten and we all had to leave the beach to get away from the horrible smell. The smell had not stayed at the beach but was now fully on my son. Inside the beach shack he had to shower and much to his disgust wash his hair. His clothes stank and needed instant washing. My mother –in –law was completely disgusted.

Apart from the smell I was amused. I had seen the object my son had found and thought it had been harmless and apart from the smell it still was. Take my son away from the city and his gaming machines like the Xbox 360 and in a short period of time he starts to discover the environment again, his natural curiosity comes into play and he begins to discover how God made things to work. I personally believe this to be a good thing, and often you will discover that many designs are first noticed by people who have explored the world God created and have adapted God’s designs into the modern world.

Have we discovered all there is to discover of what God has designed yet and the uses for these designs? I personally don’t believe we have yet. Will the children today who look to discover God’s designs today be unlocking the keys to mysteries today? Or will they be building great architectural designs of their times. Only the future will tell.

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