Sunday, November 8, 2009

Who is your hero?

As a child heroes were often people of the bible who did extraordinary things in extraordinary times. Today if you asked someone to name their hero you would often get a sporting hero but here in Australia many a sporting hero has fallen due to bad behavior, sparking much anger from parents and media. So who really is our Hero’s of today?

Last Friday night my husband was a hero. He did not do anything brave, he did not save anyone’s life, but last Friday night my husband was a hero for my kids when they went to their schools annual Hero’s night. Now my husband may not deserve the title of Hero in some people’s eyes, but my kids are my defiantly proud of him and believe that he is well worthy of the title. Can our children’s dad be heroes? Who do we really want our children to look up to? My children’s school thinks that the dad’s are important. Hero’s night at my kid’s school is a time where the kids get to show their dads who may not spend that much time around their kid’s schools what they are doing and have a fun evening together. To a lot of the kids my children’s age their dads are their heroes.

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