Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Three steps to choosing a bible.

Don’t be fooled there is more than one bible in the world. The bible industry has grown since I was a child and there is a massive range of bibles to choose from today. So don't let the massive range of bibles confuse you - the right bible is there for everyone.

Step 1 – understand who you are buying the bible for.

How old are they?

Where will they be using the bible?

Step 2 – Physically look at the bibles.

I have brought bible over the internet for my children, but the one I got for my six year old recently was not what I would have brought if I held it in my hands and looked at it with my own eyes.

Make sure the bible is suitable for the age you are looking for.

Read the cover slip and check out the sample bible that is there to look at.

Keep in mind who you are buying the bible for.

Step 3 – Remember what you want them to get out of the bible.

My own personal bible is a study bible. I wanted a bible that was quick to look up scripture for my prayer time. For my children I wanted them to each have bibles that they could grow up with. My son is now on his second bible which is aimed a teenage boys, my daughter have bibles aimed at 6-10 year olds. My oldest daughter loves the extra questions and thinking points in her bible. I have given my nieces bibles for Christmas one year aimed at their ages with questions for them to think about.

Happy bible hunting - remember that bibles can make a great Christmas present.

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