Sunday, November 15, 2009

An Interesting Quick Read

I grabbed the latest Christian book catalogue and instantly my eyes went straight to the book displayed on the cover ‘Have a New Husband by Friday’ and laughed it was Wednesday and interestingly enough I didn’t believe my husband could change that much in two days. Now I will admit that I have not read the book, but it did bring up a question – Do I need to change my husband?

Now when I showed my husband the title of the book he just laughed also. Maybe I do need to change my husband also. But if I think that I need to change my husband, does he think I need to be changed. The last book I read about changing my husband was the ‘Five Love Languages’ and in the first chapter of that book it said I have to change me and then my husband will follow . Now I love the ‘Five Love Languages’ book as I have discovered my personal love language and my husbands love language. For me personally it was a great discovery as I am physical touch and I have grown up much to the shock of friends and family hugging people and after reading this book am aware that there is nothing wrong with that.

For an interesting quick read I do recommend the ‘Five Love Languages.’

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