Monday, September 21, 2009

A lesson in Responsibility

I never expected to teach my daughters a lesson about responsibility this way, but it happened all the same. I have been trying to teach my children to take small step in them being responsible for their lives and like most parents I thought that it was going in one ear and out the other. Last year I finally gave into my daughter’s requests to get their ears pierced. I had not bothered too much about getting their ears pierces as the house tends to claim objects about that size. But after two years of my oldest daughters begging I thought that maybe it was time

Christmas holidays were coming up and I had discovered that year that you can no longer cover up earrings with band-aids when playing netball, so I this was the perfect time for my eldest daughter to get her ears pierced and while we were at it I might as well do my other daughter before she started playing netball too. We found a place to get their ears done and they bravely sat through the procedure. They proudly showed off their earrings to family and friends and this is where I learnt the lesson that my daughters were different in how they viewed being ready responsible for having their ears pierced. You see while my youngest daughter at six loved the idea of earrings and wore the first pair for the recommended six weeks, she didn’t like the hassle of take out her earrings and getting new earrings put back in their place. Her older sister on the other hand, was ready for responsibility of having her ears pierced and has taken responsibility for not just her earrings, but to remember to put them back in after her netball games.

As we come up to a year after getting my daughters ears pierced I have learnt that my eldest daughter has more of an idea of what she wants and will take the responsibility of looking after what will go with it. She enjoys shopping for different kinds of earrings. My youngest is aware that she was not so ready for the responsibility of earrings and is eager to try again in a few more years when she feels that she is really ready. It is a hard thing to know when your child is truly ready to take responsibility and are prepared to do what has to be done with it. But when they do they are taking an important growing up step and one that children need to encounter. It is funny how these little simple steps are shaping us for the future.

If you are interested in learning more about letting your child take responsibilities and allowing your children to take the next step in their life journey you may like want to take a look at this clip.

I have done his DVD series called BOUNDARIES WITH KIDS with friends and they loved it. You can also purchase the Books.

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  3. Your story is so true. It is amazing to watch our children grow into maturity, and reach certain milestones in their lives. Looking forward to your next posting.