Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ok God, how is that relaxing?

When I was growing up we used to go for holidays to the beach. At the beach we would relax, my dad needed a holiday after finishing harvest, and it was a great family time. We would read books and play games with our cousins and friends, at the end of the holidays we would be relaxed and ready to face anything that life on a farm would bring up.

Now go forward twenty years, and I am with my family at the beach, we have gone for walks on the beach, taken my mother in law for a drive around the beaches, hubby is out fishing, the girls are playing and my son has just spent a few hours attempting to tidy up some of the bushes that need to be cut. All is quite and I am just about to go and read a book, when my son says “Mum, I need to relax.” Finally I think to myself before the next words come out of his mouth “I think I should take the kayak out so I can relax.” Now a million thoughts are going through my head as I look at my son who is already in the shed taking out the kayak. I take a deep breath and realize I can not get out of it, as I will be the one who will have to help him with taking the kayak out to the beach. I grab my book and my mother in law agrees to stay and watch my daughters. I get to the beach and assist my son in getting the Kayak to a safe place to launch. When that is all done, I sit on the beach reading and watching my son who is kayaking his way out to his dad who is fishing and a thought goes through my mind “I would not call that relaxing!”

I ended up that day sitting on the beach, watching my son have his relaxation time and smiling at how God has made us all different. I know that each of my children have different personalities, but I had not thought about how we are different in the ways we relax, and what I might need to relax could be completely different from my son and husband. I thank God that he opened my eyes that day. May God bless you as you go on this journey that starts with simple faith.

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