Sunday, September 27, 2009

How you can make a fishing cart for free

I horrified my husband quite recently so much so that yesterday we went to three fishing shops to look for this one item. My hubby loves to fish off the beach and has found he has been able to catch more fish off the beach than off the Jetty; the problem is that he has to carry what he wants normally around his neck and around his waist, which means he normally does not take a drink with him for three hours. A retired man at Moonta where we tend to fish has made his own fishing cart that he carries different rods for catching different fishes on. His cart is made out of a plastic big box with bicycle wheels attached to it. Now with my husband’s birthday coming up I decided that my son and I could attempt to make my hubby his own fishing cart; hence the sudden fishing shop expedition. At the second shop we found the only fishing cart that was made commercially, and it was definitely not what we were looking for when an idea came to our minds about how we could practically made a fishing cart for free.

Now the biggest problem we faced was that hubby wanted a secure wheel based structure for the fishing cart, which meant that we would have to have something welded up, my brother and dad are both farmers so that would not be a major issue, but having grown up on a farm and had a go at making the old go-cart as a child I was talking out loud to hubby about the different types of wheels that had been used in the past for go-carts when we both turned to each other and said “Did we throw out the pram?” Now our children are aged 11, 9 and 6 so we are past the pram stage, but there has been some of the baby items that we have kept being too slack to have a garage sale and not wanting to throw away something that is still good. We returned home and discovered that we did indeed have the pram and it was worth having a go to convert it into a fishing cart.

Step 1
Find a pram or stroller.

Step 2
Remove all the material and padding from the pram so that you can see the structure.

Step 3
Add an esky where the child used to sit. Place fishing rods on the front away from the handle so you don't get tangled up in them.

In the end it was free for us to make the fishing cart and so now I have One happy hubby who cant wait to try it out this weekend.

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