Thursday, September 24, 2009

Imagine God carrying you

I first heard this poem when I was a teenager, and feel in love with it. It author is said to be unknown. It would at times be forgotten about and then suddenly found to help me gain new understanding for the moment. You name it and most Christian will instantly know it. I am of course referring to ‘Footstep in the sand’ but one day something occurred to me as I was with my children. If God can carry us in this poem, and I can carry my children does God ever have a hard time carrying me? Have you ever thought about the different ways you carry your children? Well this day I did as I had a grumpy child and it made me rethink about this poem.

When do you really carry your child? Often we can pick up a sleeping child and carry them close to our bodies, without the child realizing that we are carrying them. Can you imagine God carrying you like that? I can. What about when you have to get your child and pick them up suddenly because they are about to head in to danger, they don’t want you to pick them up, so they struggle to get out of your arms, there is no way they want to be in your arms, but there is no way also you are going to let them go. Can you imagine God carrying you like that? I can, and I believe I have given God a real hard time while I was being carried.

What about when you place your child on your shoulders just for fun and carry them high off the ground, their hands pulling your hair or moving all over your face. Can you imagine God carrying you like that? I can and I know how special I would feel.

Sometimes your child just runs into your arms; because there is no place that is more special than being in your arms and knowing you are loved. Can you imagine God carrying you like that? I can.

But sometime your child is so angry that they just won’t move and so to do what you have to do, you pick them up their bodies rigid in your arms, they refuse to look you in the eyes, and you are having a battle of wills. Can you imagine God carrying you like that? I can.

If you have ever carried a child you will know that it is not always a pleasant task, so the question I ask you today, if God is carrying you in which situation do you think you are in and just like us God will not let us go until we know that the times and situations we are in are safe, so sit back and allow God’s arms to surround you.

Here is the poem, I hope you enjoy it.

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  3. You are spot on. We tend to think that when we are all grown up we don't need anyone. However, we need to remember that we are still God's children and He never leaves us. I keep a copy of "Footprints" on my wall as my personal reminder. Beautiful message.

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