Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hey where did your sense of adventure go?

When I was a child, we were always creating new worlds to explore. Growing up on a farm meant that we could create many places and imagine that many tree cubby houses were different places in the world. Many a story was played out with other friends around the chook shed and just out the back gate. I was the sort of person who could get lost in a book, and once read come back to the realization that I was still on the farm, not having a wild adventure somewhere far off. As we grew older we stopped playing these games and started to mature into adulthood, but I still missed that lost sense of adventure.

My hubby has in the last two years discovered fishing off the beach and one day while he tried out a new spot, my old sense of adventure began to kick in. Seeing a landmark lighthouse, at what I guessed would be a half hour walk to, I decided that I would go with my youngest child and our dog exploring the path that seemed to be heading that way. Just as we began my other two children came and agreed to go on this adventure with me. Five minutes into the journey, the path vanished and in my wisdom I knew that if we kept a safe distance near the coast line we would get there and walk back to the car along the road; my children had other ideas. There was no way that they would ever walk all the way over there. Suddenly Dad now seemed more of an adventure, and they quickly scrambled down the sand dune and ran off to meet their dad. I had no choice but to follow them as the dog was determined to stay with his kids. I found that I feel disappointed at my kid’s sense of adventure. I started to wonder if it was the fact that my kids are city kids, not country kids. I am thankful that I had such a great sense of adventure when I was a child, and had gone on many great journeys yet never having left the backyard. Today we can be called to grow on our own faith journeys with out leaving our homes. Some times all it takes is to start with simple faith.

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